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…says where corruption exists it must be weeded outGeneral Secretary of the Peoples Progressive Party, Donald Ramotar,China Jerseys Cheap, says that he is very disappointed and upset that the Public Procurement Commission is yet to be established and be fully functional.According to Ramotar, the motive behind that body and the Tender Board process was all meant to weed out corruption and get value for money as it relates to spending taxpayers’ money.While conceding that the government has an open policy toward tenders and contracts that are public in that anyone could access, there are cases where there is subversion of the process, “but this has to be rooted out.”PPP General Secretary Donald Ramotar“If some of that (prevention measures) is being subverted, we have to deal with that… the PPP try to establish systems to ensure that we minimise corruption.”Ramotar was adamant that his party “does not benefit from corrupt money or any money that contractors benefit from.”According to Ramotar,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, “I do realise that sometimes contractors do shoddy work and sometimes even some of them might be involved in corruption.”He said that it was his party that sought to introduce measures to fight corruption,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, adding that prior to the PPP’s assent to office, there was no such thing as a Tender Board.He said that the intention of the Tender Board was to get value for money. “That was the whole intention but I must admit that there is a possibility that some of these things have been subverted.”As it relates to contactors inflating bids and still getting contracts,NHL Jerseys Authentic, Ramotar said that the issue cannot be dealt with generally rather, “you have to deal with these things individually.”He said that the systems that were put in place are not bad but none of them took into consideration the collaboration between contractors and engineers among others.As it relates to the Public Procurement Commission, Ramotar recalled that he was involved in the initial period when a decision was taken to set up the commission. “We were eager to have it function and took decisions as to how to set it up.”He recalled that there was the proposal to both sides of the National Assembly to submit five names, but unfortunately, finding common ground has not been possible to date.Ramotar was adamant however that the,Cheap Jerseys 2018, “first breakdown of talks was not from us.”The usual differences of opinion between the government and the People’s National Congress Reform is what led to the delay in the resubmission of the administration’s nominees for the Public Procurement Commission.This is according to President Bharrat Jagdeo, who earlier this year told media operatives that some years ago, three nominees were submitted but there was a huge debate on the candidates and as such the process was put on pause.After all the nominees are submitted, the committee will use a grading method to select the most qualified for appointment to the commission and it will be constituted of five persons.The role of this commission includes the monitoring and reviewing of all public procurement systems. It also monitors the performance of procurement bodies. In such cases, the adherence to regulations in procuring services and the execution of works is examined.It also has responsibility over the procedures of ministerial, regional and national procurement entities as well as those of project execution units.The commission also has the task of investigating complaints from contractors and public enterprises along with suppliers,Cheap Jerseys China, and cases of irregularities. It has the authority to propose remedial action in all instances.The Constitution stipulates that the commission should be independent,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, impartial and should discharge its functions fairly.In January to April 2007, the Ethnic Relations Commission conducted research into the public procurement activity in Guyana over the four-month period. A summary of the findings from that report,Cheap NFL Jerseys, states that the commission be established in order that its functions can be removed from the ambit of the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board.It also suggested that the mode of creation and manner of oversight of the Tender Board is qualitatively different from those constitutionally provided for the Public Procurement Commission. The provisions in the Procurement Act regarding a declaration of interest,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the report stated, appear to omit requirement of a written statement signed by the declarant.The ERC proposed that this omission be addressed with a view to enhancing the objective of the Act.
A 40-year old tractor driver was pronounced dead on arrival yesterday at the Fort Wellington Hospital minutes after he was pinned by the vehicle.Inderjeet Rai,NHL Ice Hockey Jerseys, of 234 Plantation Hope,Wholesale Jerseys USA, West Coast Berbice,China NFL Jerseys, was pulled from under the tractor he was driving in a rice field at Bath Backdam early yesterday morning. Kaieteur News understands that Rai,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, a father of four,NFL Jerseys Supply, was employed by a private rice farmer for the past two months. He was traversing a dam when the mishap occurred.His wife Shanta,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, told Kaieteur News that he had left his home around 06:30 hours for work.She said that three hours later she received a telephone call that the tractor he was driving had turned over.The woman rushed to the fort Wellington Hospital where she saw her husband’s lifeless body. “God got to help me fuh mind me four pickney,NBA Jerseys China,” the woman cried. She said that her husband had wished one of his daughters a happy birthday before he left for work.Police are awaiting the results of a post mortem examination.
President David Granger yesterday described Friday’s Local Government Election (LGE) as a victory for democracy and a step forward for inclusionary governance. Granger, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon; and Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan, also pronounced themselves satisfied with the voter turnout.From left: Minister of State,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Joseph Harmon, President David Granger and Minister of Communities,NFL Jerseys Supply, Ronald BulkanGranger, who protested for LGE to be held while still opposition leader, made this pronouncement during a press conference at the Ministry of the Presidency. He affirmed that the entitlement of citizens to participate in decision-making in their Municipal and Neighborhood Councils has now been restored.“The Local Government Elections of Friday, March 18,Cheap Jerseys, 2016 were not only the duty of the government but were a victory for democracy and an opportunity for inclusionary governance,NFL Jerseys Cheap,” Granger stated.“The elections were a return to constitutionality after a lapse of nearly two decades under the previous administration.”Granger stated that the elections achieved several points, one of which was to empower citizens, in accordance with the Constitution of Guyana,Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, to freely exercise their right to elect councillors of their choice. He also noted that through the elections,nfl jerseys china, Central, Regional and Municipal levels of Government can effectively work.He also noted that with the establishment of new towns – at Mabaruma,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Bartica and Lethem – the elections of Mayors and Town Councils will ensure that each region is administered by a capital and public services and economic development will be improved.Granger also agreed with the suggestions that candidates won because of big party endorsements. He noted that those who won in this way share the party’s vision for “clean, green communities and integration of the work of Central,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping, Regional and Municipal Councils for high quality governance.”However, Granger made it clear that the party never obstructed anyone from contesting as independents. This will come in the wake of preliminary results showing that independents such as ‘Team Benschop for Mayor’ making heavy losses in the elections.Low voter turnoutQuestions were also raised about the fact that there seemed to be a generally low voter turnout. Harmon noted that the low turnout was actually not unusual in such elections. “Democratic renewal is (occurring) at all levels,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys,” Harmon said.“We have some hesitation, skepticism about what it is all about but eventually education solves that and the people’s experience in their communities. So while we don’t have specific figures from GECOM, I do believe that the turnout was satisfactory.”“If you check the elections in Canada, where the Prime Minister was elected, you will see that it was 30 percent,” Harmon continued. “So in our communities, we will have to intensify the voter education and the level of participation in administration of the communities.”Harmon also noted that the Government’s decision not to make March 18 a holiday was largely vindicated. He noted that some people went to work and left early, in order to vote.After a two decade absence, the much anticipated Local Government Elections returned on Friday, only to be welcomed by a low voter turnout. Pictures proliferate of empty polling stations, at times when they have traditionally had lines for the General and Regional elections.Polling Stations countrywide opened at 6:00hrs and closed at 18:00hrs.Throughout that day, text messages were being sent to citizens providing the relevant information to assist voters in locating their respective polling stations and why they should vote.A whopping 507,663 voters were captured on the Official Voters’ List and 1,562 Polling Stations were open to facilitate voting. The Local Authorities (Elections) Act was amended in 2009 to include as many people as possible, apart from political parties to present themselves as candidates.There were 83 groups, three political parties, 63 individual candidates, three political parties and 17 voluntary groups.Kaieteur News met with electors after they had cast their ballot yesterday and they expressed some concerns. The most common issue was that persons did not know where they were supposed to vote.Some electors stated that the LGEs Polling Stations were different from the Polling Stations they would have visited to vote for the General Elections.Many also said that they did not know who they were voting for; they just showed up because they were required to vote.
-”I’m forever stained by this” Nigel ForresterBy Latoya Giles Have you wondered or imagined being incarcerated for a crime you never committed? Well let’s hope you never have to endure what Nigel Forrester, 26, went through. Forrester was recently acquitted of murder after spending five years behind bars, for a crime the police had no evidence linking him to. Forrester was accused of killing businessman Mahadeo Budhai, on November 24, 2005.Two days after being released from prison, Forrester says he is struggling to put the pieces of his life back together.When Kaieteur News visited his modest home, which is located at Providence, East Bank Demerara,Cheap Jerseys China, the young man was surrounded by elated relatives.Nigel ForresterAs he sat calmly in a chair facing the reporter, Forrester recounted when his “nightmare” began.It was three days after the murder and the police went to his then place of employment, Toolsie Persaud Limited.“They arrested me and took me to the Providence Police Station for questioning,” said Forrester.After arriving at the station,Cheap NFL Jerseys, two policemen took him to an isolated room in the upper flat of the building.He said that the officers started shouting at him, accusing him of killing the businessman.“They started shouting, ‘is you kill de man…..tell we now so you ain’t gon gat fuh go through nothing’.”Forrester said he continued being adamant and insisted to the lawmen that he had nothing to do with the man’s murder.He admitted to the officers, that he would occasionally do “handy jobs” for Budhai, but knew nothing about his murder, or who might have committed it.Forrester said the same detective, who admitted during his High Court trial that he had no evidence against him, was the person continuously pressuring him to confess.“Was that same detective telling me I should confess because they know I kill de man,” said Forrester.Forrester alleged that the officers placed about 10 black plastic bags over his head. “They put the bags over my head and started kicking me to the stomach.”They later removed the plastic bags from his head and placed a written document in front of him.Forrester said that the officers told him to sign the document and they would stop beating him.“I tell them I can’t read….but I gun sign because I didn’t want them to kill me.”The document later turned out to be a caution statement, which was later ruled inadmissible by Justice Roxanne George-Wiltshire during the High Court trial.After he signed the document, Forrester said Budhai’s wife, who was also a suspect, identified him as one of the last persons her husband was with.The police later transferred him to the Brickdam Police Station where he spent almost one week, before being charged with the capital offence of murder.Life changing …….Forrester describes his five years in prison as life changing, challenging and frustrating.“Prison is not a place I would want my enemy to go to….” he said.He explained that he was surrounded by the “bad, the worst and the indifferent”. It was home for me and I had to abide by the rules and regulations.While in prison, Forrester lost three close relatives, which he says was a massive blow to him.“I lost my mother…who was like my backbone, and then I lost my eldest sister and brother.”He said that he was very grateful to the Prison Service for allowing him to attend all of the funerals.He said that the death of his brother caused him to become very frustrated and he almost gave up.“After he died, I told myself I would never get to see my relatives alive…..because I’m stuck in prison”.He said that being in prison placed a significant financial strain on his family.According to Forrester, he was on “self support”, which meant that his family had to maintain him.At this point Forrester’s father Lexia Howard interjected and gave his account of how the entire ordeal has changed him.Howard said that it took $1000 a day to upkeep his son. He said it would get more expensive when the family visited Forrester at the prison.“When you visit….you had to buy everything from drinks to toiletry,” explained Howard.He said the legal fees for his son were paid by his pension and whatever little donation the family got.“As soon as I get my pension it went straight to my son’s case…..we made his case a priority because we knew he was innocent of the charge.” The family paid almost a million dollars in legal fees.Where to start?……With his hands clasping his face, Forrester said he really can’t say what will be his next move.“Five years of my life were taken from me….just because someone lied on me,” he cried. Starting from scratch,Authentic Jerseys China, he says, will be very difficult but it is something that has to be done honestly. Forrester said he is forever “stained” by this and there is little or nothing anyone can do.Surely, he says, the Justice System needs revamping because innocent people are behind bars.He also said that the police need to stop their “shoddy” investigation and start arresting the real culprits.Forrester said he is now exploring the option of filing a constitutional motion against the Guyana Police Force.As the murder trial came to an end last week,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, Justice Roxanne George-Wiltshire for the second time in less than two months blasted the Guyana Police Force for what she described as their shoddy investigation.Justice George-Wiltshire in her address to the court said that the prosecution failed to establish a case against Forrester.The judge told the court that it was disgraceful to hear that the investigating rank admitted in open court that he had no evidence against Forrester, yet he arrested him.She noted that evidence, which was taken by the witnesses,Cheap Jerseys, had not directly linked Forrester to the crime.“The evidence led by the witnesses was inconsistent……as such he (Forrester) has no case to answer,” said the judge.Justice George-Wiltshire lamented that it was the second time that such a case had come before her.“It is shocking, unfair and a total travesty to have persons in jail for such a lengthy time… and for something that they aren’t linked to.”She said she finds it very hard to comprehend how people could be treated in this manner.The star witness in the trial, Michael Jagdeo,Cheap NFL Jerseys, had admitted during cross-examination that after the police had constantly accused him of being among the last persons at Budhai’s home before he was found dead in his backyard, he (the witness) told the police that Nigel Forrester was the last man on the scene. Jagdeo was also a suspect in the murder of Budhai.Under cross-examination he denied that he was a witness of convenience who had come to give evidence to help Mrs. Budhai, who was a suspect.Only last month, Justice William Ramlal had cited poor police investigation,NFL Jerseys China, high incidence of police incompetence and negligence as some of the main reasons certain murder trials are falling through.The judge expressed those sentiments during the murder trial of Seon Yaw,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, who was accused of murdering 73-year-old security guard, Noel Jones, between December 5 and December 6, 2004.Justice Ramlal had said that the prosecution failed to produce evidence which showed that Yaw inflicted the injuries which caused Jones’ death.The judge further stated that although the prosecution tried its best,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, he had noticed a number of cases over the months which have been falling apart because of poor police investigation.He was adamant that if the police are doing a criminal investigation they must do it properly.
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– N/A policeA chainsaw operator in New Amsterdam is accusing some police ranks of the Central Police Station of breaking his left arm.According to Leroy Bender,Cheap NFL Jerseys, 21, at about 7:30pm last Thursday,Cheap Jerseys From China, whilst returning home at Church Street,Cheap Jerseys From China, Angoy’s Avenue, he encountered a group of policemen dressed in blue uniforms in a gold- coloured police vehicle.He said the vehicle swerved and blocked his path and the officers told him that they were looking for him and ordered him into the vehicle.After complying and being ordered to lie facedown, Bender said that he then questioned the officers as to what merited his arrest.“They hauled a bird wood and fired a lash to me,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, Bender said. Ah three lash to one place. Moments later,cheap nfl jerseys, they placed him at the Central Police Station lock- ups.“I say, ‘officer I am feeling terrible pain’. He [the officer] say, ‘go in the cell and dead’”,Cheap NFL Jerseys Online, Bender alleged.He was released on Friday morning after which he visited the New Amsterdam Hospital where he received medical attention including an x-ray. His left hand had been broken.“Them beat me hand till it bruk”.Bender then made a report of the matter to Officer Dass at Central Police Station after which he was told to visit the complaints’ desk located at the Central Police Station. A statement was taken from Bender and he was sent back to the N/A Hospital for a police medical. This newspaper saw the medical which stated that Bender’s hand was broken.At last one person claimed to have witnessed the beating.“When I come out from me verandah,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, I saw the police van; I see when they firing the last lash on this boy. I hollered on them and said, ‘you can’t lash the man like that’. One of the police curse and said,Wholesale Jerseys NFL, ‘You want to do the f*&^ing police work’ and he drive and gone”,China NFL Jerseys, the resident said.The resident also alleged the ranks struck Bender with a wooden pole that persons stuck into the ground to hang their bird-cages on.“Them pull out the pole and was beating he. Sheer curse, all ah them cursing up. Bender is calling for justice and compensation for his broken hand.
– placed on $400,Cheap NFL Jerseys,000 bail eachThe three suspects whom the police had detained in connection with plotting to kidnap the son of a wealthy Essequibo sawmiller appeared yesterday before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday.The three accused,Cheap Jerseys Online,   Carl Krishna Deokaran,Cheap Jerseys From China, Vishnu Ramnarine and Suzanne Kalimootoo were charged with conspiracy to attempt a kidnapping.  The intended victim was Christopher Mohabir who is the son of the sawmiller.Lawyer points to a relative of the victim who threatened him.The prosecution stated that the three allegedly planned to abduct Christopher Mohabir to extort a ransom of $50 million from his family.The Prosecution informed the court that the three accused are known to each other. On June 22,cheap nfl jerseys, last,Cheap Jerseys From China, the police acted on information sent a rank dressed in plainclothes but armed with a tape recorder to the house where the defendants were said to have been plotting Mohabir’s abduction.The court was told that the device recorded Kalimootoo giving information on where Mohabir resides and his whereabouts. The tape also recorded Ramnarine stating that he will provide them with the firearm and the place for Mohabir to be kept.After the incriminating evidence they were arrested the next day and questioned at Police Headquarters,Wholesale Jerseys China, Eve Leary. This resulted in charges with the present offence. The prosecution had no objections to bail.The court was later informed that Suzanne Kalimootoo was once the paramour of Christopher Mohabir. Vishnu Ramnarine was represented by attorney at law Jerome Khan,jerseys from china, who told the court that his client is 18 and that he resides at Turkeyen,China Jerseys, East Coast Demerara. He asked that bail be granted in a reasonable sum.Attorney at law Vic Puran who representing Carl Krishna Deokaran stated that his client who resides at Lot 183 Area E Better Hope was not a flight risk and that there is no likely re-occurrence of the allegation. He too asked that his client be granted bail in a reasonable sum.Suzanne Kalimootoo was unrepresented. Kalimootoo told the court that she is 22 years old and that she resides at meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara.Bail was granted in the sum of $400,Wholesale China Jerseys,000 for the three accused. They are expected to make their next court appearance on July 21.Attorney at Law Khan then stated that his client is very poor and he would not be able to afford bail. Khan stated that his client’s parents are willing and able to put up the transport of their home as some form of reassurance. Magistrate Beharry had no objections.But it was after the court appearance that Attorney at law Jerome Khan was confronted by Christopher Mohabir’s relatives. This resulted in the lawyer filing threatening charges against a male relative who was taken by police and later released.
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…as another Course gets underwayBy Abena RockcliffeThe Guyana Police Force on Friday launched its Junior Officers’ Course,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and Commissioner of Police (ag) Leroy Brumell urged the 29 participants to be honest and professional in all their endeavours.This is the second course of its kind for the year. The stated objective is to “improve student professionalism and upgrade participants’ knowledge in the art of leadership, techniques of human behaviour, and the skills of communication”. It is also intended to “stimulate the thoughts and energies of participants and enable participants to appreciate their role in the context of the legal framework pertaining to Guyana”.Brumell identified training as part of the force’s developmental strategies and said that each rank,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, when leaving the force, should have the balance of academic development and physical fitness.The Top Cop urged the participants of the course to “grab the opportunity with both hands” as he stated that it is designed to help develop managers.Brumell charged the participants to be good examples to other ranks and, from the course’s content, take back “…new ideas to your respective services”.With intent to encourage participants,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, the Commissioner posited that “promotion will come” but affirmed that this would only be possible through hard work and ethics.In addition, he expressed the notion that honesty breeds respect, and emphasised “Tell the truth where the truth must be told and you will be respected”.Further,Cheap Jeseys NFL, Brumell stated that the ranks should, “at all times” deal with matters in a professional manner. “Lead from the front as it relates to getting the job done and strive to reduce complaints.”He opined that if ranks do the aforementioned, the gap will be bridged between the force and the public.Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, who was also present at the launching,Cheap Jerseys From China, said that he is fully behind training and development within the Force. He pointed out that the modern-day rank is faced with issues that require “clear and objective thinking”.“During this training, consider yourselves generalists and not specialists, so as to have a wider outlook on things.”The Minister identified several areas that will be covered during the course, including Information Technology (IT),China Jerseys Free Shipping, strategic management, organizational management and handling of complaints.Rohee noted that training in the area of Information Technology is imperative in a technologically advanced society. He urged the officers not to take their responsibility “lightly”. He cautioned that the successful completion of the course marks only one aspect of the training and reminded the participants that their training must be put to use.Rohee asserted that each rank must be able to carry out an in-depth investigation.The Head of Professional Development,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, University of Guyana,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, Dr. Winston Headley,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, during his remarks, stated that training is important in any organization especially the force, as it facilities comparisons.He said that the force is indirectly mandated to develop society, and in order to do so effectively, training is inevitable as “…we are living in a society not so ordinary”.
Although the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre has a good cadre of trained professionals who are able to offer services in the area of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy, who are ably supported by Assistant staff,China Jerseys Free Shipping, there is always a need for more trained professionals.This notion was emphasised yesterday by Rehabilitation Officer with responsibility for the management of the facility,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Ms Janice Simmons.Simmons noted that the facility currently has about six staff members dedicated to rehabilitation and about four teachers.“We could do with quite a few more, trained specifically in rehabilitation of children. We need that speciality, but the people we have right now are doing a very good job,” she asserted.To help bolster the existing staff complement,Cheap NFL Jerseys, she revealed that Nurse Aids are trained in the area of rehabilitation assistance, whereby they are able to render care to disabled children who utilise the day care service at the centre.“This is specialised treatment, not just the basic nursing skills.They have to be taught a little bit of the rehabilitation skills,Wholesale Jerseys, how to feed children with disabilities, how to dress them, and how to sit them up and put them in their wheelchairs and things like that.” The effort of the centre is also supported by the contribution of volunteers from the Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO).Simmons, who has had over 35 years of experience in the field of rehabilitation services, has been in charge of the facility for the past three years.She admitted to this newspaper during an interview yesterday that attending to persons with disabilities is not the easiest service to provide within the health field.She is of the firm opinion that persons are only able to remain in the field if they are very committed.“They not only have to be committed but they have to be very much in tuned with children.They have to love children and be steadfast in wanting to see them move from one milestone to the next, one achievement to the next; maybe they (disabled children) came in and they couldn’t sit up, but with intervention they can sit up…That is a happy time which is even more celebrated when some of them are able to learn to walk.”But despite the fact that there is a dire need for an increase in its trained staff,Soccer Jerseys From China, the Rehabilitation Centre has introduced a new programme which is likely to improve the way services are offered to children. With the launch of the new and innovative programme, it is expected that children accessing the service of the centre will be able to gain necessary medical attention at an early stage.Simmons during the interview revealed that the ‘Early Identification and Intervention Programme’ – which was launched at the centre yesterday – is so designed to ensure that children suffering from various forms of disabilities can visit the facility at an early age and be afforded care and support.“Rather than coming in at six years old or at 14 years old,Cheap Jerseys China, after being at home all the time with no intervention,NFL Jerseys China, they can now come in early…We have found this happening over the years, children are just coming in very late and we are seeing them after they would have suffered for many years… this is what is happening and we are trying to avoid that.”The Rehabilitation Centre at the moment caters to over 80 children with varying disabilities, some of whom are able to benefit from medical clinics on Tuesdays and Thursdays,NFL Jerseys China, as well as classes held at the facility every week day.About 30 patients are attended to per clinic day, and according to Simmons,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, academic classes are suitably prepared to cater to the needs of the disabled.“They don’t all come every time, but at least per day we have about 40 children being taught.  They learn as best as they can, and the learning sessions are (inclusive of) English and Maths, tailored to suit their level of understanding.”In addition, the centre caters to new children with disabilities every Friday, an offering which usually sees the attendance of approximately 12 persons added to the existing list.
A freak accident which occurred at around 9:00 am yesterday has left a handyman nursing first degree burns.The victim,Wholesale China Jerseys, Hardeo  Rampersaud of Lot 34 Lusignan,NFL Jerseys Outlet, East Coast Demerara,Sale NFL Jerseys,  has been hospitalized at the Burns Care Unit of the  Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation,Adidas Hockey Jerseys Cheap, (GPHC).He sustained burns to approximately 34 percent of his body.His mother,’ Data’ Rampersaud related that she was informed about her son’s accident minutes after it happened. According to her,Cheap Jerseys Paypal, Hardeo would usually do odd jobs for persons around the neighbourhood.“He used to work at the estate but he leff it and start do small jobs for people. He does get a small change from it but he does drink he lil alcohol.”The woman said that it appears that her 37-year- old son was under the influence of alcohol when, someone asked him to light a garbage heap.  She related that while in the process of lighting the fire,Cheap NFL Jerseys, her son was using a combustible substance “when it flare up and he fell in.”“Like he go fuh scratch the match to light the heap when the fire flare up and he fall in,” she said.According to the mother,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, her other son assisted in pulling his brother out of the burning heap.“People sent to call my other son he was in church and he come and pull he brother out the fire.”Rampersaud suffered burns on both feet,Cheap NFL Jerseys, legs,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, stomach and shoulders.   Doctors have since confirmed that the man’s injuries are not life threatening.
CRABWOOD CREEK, CORENTYNE – Detectives in Division ‘B’ of the Guyana Police Force have made no headway in solving the murders of two women from the Crabwood Creek area.So far, the police have found no new clues and there are even reports that one of the suspects has fled the jurisdiction.Murdered: Nalini Nalini BhogeEarlier this month, Government Pathologist, Dr. Vivikanand Bridjmohan ruled that 43-year old Esther Albert also known as ‘Kamla’ of Bhanjara Sawmill Dam, Lot One Grant 1803 Crabwood Creek on the Corentyne was manually strangled.The woman’s body was found in the home she shared with her husband and children on March 2. Her husband,NFL Jerseys Clearance, Daveanand Albert,Nike Air Max Cheap Wholesale, also known as ‘Brother’ has since disappeared but,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, from the inception he was of interest to police.Over the weekend, a source from the Guyana Police Force indicated that based on information received thus far, the man could be hiding out in neighbouring Suriname after fleeing the country via the ‘backtrack’ route.It is alleged that Esther Albert and her husband had returned home after imbibing alcoholic beverages on Phagwah day. An argument reportedly ensued during which Esther was allegedly slapped and struck with a ‘pointer’ broom.The body bore two wounds on the head, one on the left eye and another on the forehead. The suspect’s sister,Jerseys Wholesale, Shanta Mohan,Cheap NFL Jerseys, lives one house away from the couple and said she did not hear or observe anything unusual, “Is she and she husband…me brother been home after they done drink. Them children didn’t go home with them right away. So when ‘Brother’ tell me Kamla dead, I tell he go to the police.He say he ain’t got money so he go to we mother and she give he $500 to go to Skeldon (Springlands) Police Station and report it. You know what he do? He ain’t come to the police station fuh report it,Authentic NBA Jerseys Cheap, he get away. He disappear.”The couple’s 12-year old son Trevor Albert recalled coming home and finding his mother lying on the ground.“When we go me see Mummy lie down on a ground. She head full a blood,China Jerseys Authentic, she face full a blood, all she mouth swell up and full a blood. She eye been shut and she nah been talking. She just groaning all the time and lie down on the floor. All me Daddy deh doing is cussing she out. He tell she nuff word,Cheap Jerseys, all kinda thing he cuss me mother ‘bout.”The child suspects that the incident stemmed from his mother’s activity earlier in the day, “He just cussing me mother up all the time and he ain’t stopping and all she doing is groaning and deh lie down on the ground. Me father cuss she because he vex me mother been a dance at Vishal house.”The child said his father instructed them not to tell anyone so he could not call out for help. Esther Albert was the mother of five children. The two older ones were from a different union.On January 25,NFL Cheap Jerseys, the body of 43-year old Nalini Bhoge was found in her Lot 19 Line Path home.  The mother of three was discovered with her neck almost severed and a chop to the back of her head. At the time of her demise she was said to be alone at home. Police had recovered a cutlass and an ice pick which were suspected to be the murder weapons.Early February, Commander of Division ‘B’ of the Guyana Police Force, Assistant Commissioner Steve Merai had indicated that during the course of the investigation at least ten persons were detained over a one-week period including the dead woman’s husband Boodh Bhoge called ‘Minku’ a sugar cane farmer. They were grilled and released, thus providing detectives with something to work with.It is alleged that when the husband left their home on that fateful day to accompany his two younger children to the Skeldon Primary School, his wife was cooking.When he returned home, he was reportedly of the view that his wife was in their daughter’s bedroom. He then made his way to the verandah and after a few moments he went to get his spectacles.At that point he allegedly observed a few things which appeared to be unusual in the master bedroom. He decided to push the door and saw a drawer ransacked. At this point he apparently began calling for his wife and it was then the horrific discovery was made.Police were working on a number of theories but there is yet still not enough evidence to lay any charges. Also of interest is the fact that investigators have not ruled out robbery as a motive since money was said to be missing from the home. The husband claims that a quantity of cash was in the home but since workers had to be paid, he could not say if his wife had paid wages to anyone. A bag containing five United States passports belonging to the family was found at the back of the yard.
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) — Tom Brady won't return to an undefeated team after all.
But following the Buffalo Bills' surprise 16-0 shutout victory at New England Sunday, he will come back to an AFC East that is suddenly tighter a month into the season.
Buffalo's win was a continuation of an offensive turnaround that seemed improbable after a 0-2 start.
The change in direction began with the firing of offensive coordinator Greg Roman and promotion of assistant Anthony Lynn. It is now in full bloom after back-to-back wins over Arizona and New England.
"For sure, we're confident in coach Lynn," running back LeSean McCoy said. "Each game, each time he has a shot he has to call a play, different situations, he's answering every time. ... We loved him already before he was an offensive coordinator, and now we're just falling in love with the calls that he's making."
And for a team that seemed to be going nowhere two weeks ago, getting just its second win in 16 visits to Foxborough is a very big deal.
A big part of the reason is quarterback Tyrod Taylor. In his second year as a starter, he has found confidence with his throwing.
He had trouble reading coverages and throwing the deep ball earlier in the season, but didn't exhibit those issues in picking apart a veteran New England defense that is having trouble defending the pass this season.
Buffalo's defense also took a big step by handing the Patriots their first shutout loss at Gillette Stadium.
Even with Brady serving the final game of his four-game "Deflategate" ban,Cheap NFL Jerseys Online, cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman said it's something to build on.
So was the camaraderie his teammates showed about an hour before the game, when Bills safety Robert Blanton and others were involved in a shoving match with Patriots quarterback Jacoby Brissett and receiver Malcolm Mitchell.
Robey-Coleman said he and other Buffalo players felt disrespected when the Patriots players twice ran through their pregame warmups,NFL Jerseys Wholesale.
Several punches were thrown when a shoving match erupted near the sideline,NHL Ice Hockey Jerseys. The altercation appeared to begin when Brissett was jogging along the field and was shoved by Bills safety Robert Blanton.
Brissett didn't stop,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, and Mitchell retaliated by shoving Blanton. Blanton responded by punching Mitchell in the chest and head-butting him, which led to several other players and assistant coaches getting involved before it was broken up.
"When he did that, it kind of put a fire up underneath us," Robey-Coleman said. "We came out there with some fire. And it was like,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, 'Nah, we ain't going to let nobody disrespect us no matter where we're at.'"
WELCOME BACK BRADY: As bad as things went for the Patriots on Sunday, Brady's return to the team on Monday is welcomed for several reasons. Not only do they get back the leader of their offense, but they get back a healthy player at the position with Jimmy Garoppolo still recovering from his shoulder injury and Brissett not 100 percent after tweaking his right thumb last week. Receiver Julian Edelman said his presence will help everyone refocus.
"Any time one of your best players isn't there, there's something missing," Edelman said. "We handled a lot of it well. Today we just didn't. The Bills outplayed us,Nike Air Max 95 White, so that's that."
A LITTLE MORE GRONK: After going without a catch in his season debut last week,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Rob Gronkowski got his first reception of 2016 with an 11-yard reception in the fourth quarter. With it, he took over sole possession of 20th place among NFL tight ends. Gronkowski (5,566) needs 161 yards to move past Irving Fryar (5,726) into fourth place on the Patriots career receiving list.
BOUNCING BACK: Following a 0-2 start, Ryan looked forward to Buffalo's next two opponents.
He said Arizona and New England would be a great test to see how his team responds. The Bills passed with flying colors in winning both games, starting with a 33-18 win over the Cardinals.
"Yeah,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, not one of the more brilliant statements I've had," Ryan said with a self-deprecating laugh. "Well, I feel a lot better."
SACK ATTACK: The Bills had three sacks against the Patriots.
Buffalo has 13 sacks in four games after managing just 21 last season — a franchise low for a 16-game schedule. Last season, the Bills failed to record more than two sacks in one game. This season, the Bills have had three or more three times.
More encouraging is the Bills' defense prepares to welcome back star defensive tackle Marcell Dareus, who missed the first four games serving a suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy.
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