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Messages posted by: rose0056
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Firmly implanted in those dark skin, so that the old blood into red meat kite in the air, encouraging the little bunny chewing grass ah! Tattered wardrobe convergence of color, extend into the care of the pigment, to re-map the flesh full of new weapons; tyrannical finger nibbling knock childish mind refused to release the free toes, foot on the ideal Begonia Holy Land.

However, to lay the foundation roam high Ao where someone had carefully implanted bone weakness cheap jordans, standing Xuanhe black land, became a soul in hell Daojiao my lungs. Tolerate moaning moment, only listen to the ear in the pores in pleasant music, agile whip in the air emitted a strange sound crisp pops rustled. Instant, raw feeling in the arm between naive bloodstain come out, listen to the roar of victory cheap jordans free shipping, hatred anger weeping will soon receive a strong hand buried in whiplash, they calm Dream Catcher people away.

Moment, this expectation of returning to the homecoming heart, turned into Heiyou hate water children, twisted rope general effort, "bass" to throw altitude, listening to this melodious echo crack bottleneck, accompanied by lyrical the broken notes, that old, lying at the foot of a camel finally rejoice, peep Yang Babyface feat. It is a long time in the minds of ignorant interpretation of Grievance Wish buried. The gsadjhgsidaohds time long gone, this bottle was unable to pay the slightest bit childish joy Bian moan. That pile of dilapidated blizzard son's like a map of ancient debris, calm and silent willing to lay the edge of the flow of sand and crawl rather than sand, like the bloodthirsty snake, cruising over the mushroom-like Hill Top , like son, like souls, desperately jealous of annihilation than this pile of rubble King, roars and silence.

Court reached the pear silent perception, that the fruits of prejudiced look. Fell from a frivolous whip, splashes to pull off the powder, like nuggets of temperature and gently affixed inside the pores of the bottleneck, the degree of melting of ancient ice strong copper heart, broken bottles at the cortex, red out of hate tears. Like the Yangtze River ferry, Mimi outflow grievances and regret.

I say, it's not being under house arrest, unable to escape, but three floors of stairs that are like a stumbling block in general makes me flinch. Even so, the idea of ??going to stroll out, in the end like a weed or crop stubble does not stop simply grew. Today, no longer could hold their own, and thought, is out of a trip anyway. Finished meal of the day, they walk up and down the stairs.

And hid along the road, the vehicle zips wheezes breathing heavily, take away is that of a stay can not keep quiet, leaving a burst of time can not expel the burnt odor of wind to I am. Then fled wildly to leave. This is not what I want to come to the place, I find that one to avoid the hustle and bustle of traveling, with mist in the corner, because I want to, but inside is a real quiet deserted Bale.

As long as the soul longing for the place, no matter how far away but have their own Fengyun hog heart. Small river is a good place, however, when I went there panting, sweating profusely when, after all, not avoid grief which sounded car "groan." I began to understand that these are somewhat well-off rural city, I have to find a place that is still far from doomed, very far away, but fortunately there in front of this meandering southward flowing river gurgling. Although the muddy river a bit, but as long as the look, or will it be classified as a river. Each place is unique landscape, where the river was muddy state, and in front of our house meanders through the Qing faint river is the same, they are in the form of independent existence.

Venue for King, downstream, ??? fog, that milky fog, like most of the girls white veil, and green pines and cypresses, indeed, fall under more reminiscent of a pair of white girls skirt the legs come. When there is a siren echoed in the ears, but also excavators rumble - here in broadening the riverbed. I think this is one reason why the resulting paints into the river like the same reason, right? But by no means is a major factor. But in any case, but also to find see a river, after all, is good, Pa Zhipa, find a river, harder than sea fishing needle, it makes a headache. I love the river, more or less, or a little of. Compared with the river, I love Cen mountain a little more, no, Cen mountain fog a little more, it gives people a false natural ethereal, dream-like feeling, to see for a long time and is very easy to obsession . I stood on the river bank for a long time, my eyes is sour, like fill down catty Shanxi Vinegar like.
Famous American film "The Shawshank Redemption" hero Andy is undoubtedly the object of the most popular dream goddess. Banker Andy wrongfully imprisoned here before people are hopeless rescued after becoming aware of the death of slaves. Andy is not the same, after numerous protests of innocence, but to no avail as his desire for freedom still does not change the heart, always dreamed of the day free. So he paid the full 19 years of action to dig the channel, and finally in a stormy night to regain freedom, salvation of the soul, to achieve the dream of freedom. 19 years, diminished his life the most exciting time, but also proved with actions and in the power of dreams.

Action on the left, on the right dream. Ding said: "Even if the fall, will catch a handful of sand in your hand." That handful of sand, is the dream of dedication, is the driving force of action, is a dream come true guarantee. Lin Ching said: "I want to devote to bloom, flower gesture to justify their existence." Blooming process is fully paid courses of action, is a dream come true process. Because in order to realize their dreams, we must act.

I saw a beauty. That was when my morning run. Field on both sides of the trail, striking a green, eyes are verdant, wheat, garlic, onions have enough strength to fight the growth of competition. In the growing competition, the growth in competition, a harmonious picture of competitive growth, thriving scene. A row of poplar, lush, like a green wall. They are a southward sideways, then another on the north sideways, are struggling to find their own space for development.

Even large trees trees, but also trying to grow sideways. They also engaged in the competition for survival, they all find their own development. A picture of how harmonious growth of the competitive nature and therefore full of vitality, nature and therefore beautiful. I saw a beauty. Flocks of pigeons flying in the fields after the harvest, they leisurely stroll, foraging. Sometimes they will issue a cuckoo sounds, it is calling its companion, and found there are more things edible place.

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