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The engraving machine vacuum pump is a professional design for woodworking adsorption, glass adsorption, metal adsorption, etc., which is based on woodworking CNC engraving adsorption requirements, combined with the comprehensive parameters of water ring vacuum pump and CNC engraving. It requires vacuum adsorption and vacuum traction. A vacuum negative pressure device for vacuum lifting and vacuum intermittent feeding.Best vacuum pump
The engraving machine vacuum pump has a main negative pressure power source water ring vacuum pump, vacuum check valve, silencer and liquid barrier, solenoid valve, air switch, filter, water bath dust tank (user optional), circulating water tank, pipeline and valve.rotary vane vacuum pump
The engraving machine vacuum pump is widely used for vacuum adsorption of thin and smooth metal products, glass, paper, MDF, wood, plexiglass, pvc board, etc. It can also be used in vacuum casting of gold and silver jewelry, with temperature dipping, aluminum alloy wood grain transfer and other industries.dry vacuum pump
Second, the use of engraving machine vacuum pump:
1. The suction port is connected with the suction pipe of the engraving machine, and the sealing is strictly carried out to prevent leakage.
2. Start the machine for the first time and use a screwdriver to move the motor fan to ensure that the impeller is not stuck.
3. Connect the motor power supply and adjust the running direction to match the standard.KT series oil diffusion pump
4. Fill the water tank with water until the water level overflows.
5. Open the valve to the pump and wait for three minutes to ensure that the working fluid flows into the pump.
6, start the motor, the vacuum pump starts working, and the adsorption table produces an adsorption effect.Vacuum Pump
Heat treatment process generally includes heating, insulation, cooling three processes, sometimes only heating and cooling two processes. These processes are interconnected and uninterrupted. Heating is one of the most important processes in heat treatment. There are many heating methods for metal heat treatment. Charcoal and coal were first used as heat sources, and liquid and gas fuels were recently used. The application of electricity makes heating easy to control without environmental pollution. These sources can be used for direct heating, or indirect heating through molten salt or gold, or even floating particles.<a href="https://www.ht-guide.com/tube-furnace/Vertical-Tubular-Furnace-with-Max-Temperature-1100-or-1300.html">Vertical Tubular Furnace with Max. Temperature 1100?? or 1300??</a>
When the metal is heated, the workpiece is exposed to air, and oxidation and decarbonization often occur (that is, the carbon content on the surface of the steel parts is reduced), which has a very adverse effect on the surface properties of the parts after heat treatment. Therefore, metals should usually be heated in controlled or protective atmosphere, molten salt and vacuum, or by coating or packaging. The heating temperature is one of the important technological parameters in the heat treatment process. Selecting and controlling the heating temperature is the main problem to ensure the quality of heat treatment. <a href="https://www.ht-guide.com/induction/Cyclical-Vacuum-Induction-Melting-Furnace.html">Cyclical Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace</a>
The heating temperature varies with the object of heat treatment and the metal material being treated, but it is generally heated above the phase change temperature to obtain high temperature microstructure. In addition, the transformation takes a certain time, so when the surface of the metal workpiece reaches the required heating temperature, it must be kept at this temperature for a certain period of time, so that the internal and external temperatures are consistent, so that the microstructure of the transformation is complete, this period is called holding time. When high energy density heating and surface heat treatment are used, the heating speed is very fast, and there is no heat preservation time in general, but the heat preservation time of chemical heat treatment is often longer.<a href="https://www.ht-guide.com/tube-furnace/Tube-Type-Gradient-Furnace.html">Tube Type Gradient Furnace</a>
Vacuum brazing furnace needs good maintenance and maintenance in use, then how to do a good job of daily maintenance? Today Weifang vacuum furnace manufacturer sent gold to take us to understand.
(1) operators should understand various parts of appearance, pump and equipment. Read and understand various manuals.
(2) the water pressure of cooling water should be between 0.1 and 0.2 Mpa, and the effluent temperature is less than 45 degrees Celsius.
(3) compressed air pressure ranges from 0.4 to 0.5 Mpa.
(4) before starting the boiler, we should check the cylinder capacity of the maintenance gas, avoid the lack of gas filling, and replace the gas cylinder.
(5) if there is any abnormal condition after starting, the reason should be immediately removed or stopped.
(6) often check the backwater volume of each part. Ensure that each part has enough cooling water during operation.
(7) When the equipment stops operating, the gas in the furnace should be pumped out of time, which is unnecessary for a long time. Maintenance gas should be filled and the circulating water in the water-cooled jacket of the equipment should be discharged.
( mechanical pumps and Roots pumps should be refueling regularly, and the oil cups of Roots pumps should always be oil. Oil must be cleaned when changing oil.
(9) If there is oxidation in the interior of the dispersed pump, the oxide layer inside the dispersed pump should be cleaned and then replaced with new oil.
(10) the purity of the charged maintenance gas should not be less than 99.99%.
(11) this equipment does not permit the use of flammable, explosive and corrosive gases as a maintenance atmosphere.
(12) The appearance and appearance of the equipment shall be kept clean, and the inner wall of the scrubbing furnace shall not be allowed to be scrubbed with a dishcloth containing water and non-vacuum oil.
(13) The oil-water separator on the pneumatic three-piece of the pneumatic system should always discharge water, and the vacuum dispersing pump oil should be written into the oil mist separator.
(14) the whole machine voltage should be within 350~420 V. Three phase to balance.
(15) Regulators, electrical contact pressure gauges, thermocouples and other places to be often coated with dispersed pump oil, so that between the seat and form a layer of oil film to avoid leakage. The above parts and flange connections are not allowed to be sealed with vacuum seals for long time.

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XBD - W type horizontal fire pump set for conveying water without solid particles and the physical and chemical properties similar to water in the liquid, it is mainly used for fire protection system for pressurized water supply in pipeline, also can be applied to industrial and urban water supply and drainage, pressurized water supply in high-rise buildings, distant distance water, cold and hot water circulation, pressurization in heating, bathrooms and boilers, water supply in air-conditioning and refrigeration system and supporting equipment, etc.
piston vacuum pump for various applications
Horizontal single stage single suction fire pump, fire booster pump -- product features:
1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance and small floor space.
liquid ring vacuum pump application process introduction
2. Smooth operation, low noise, high component concentricity.
3. Adopt advanced hydraulic model with high efficiency and excellent performance.
4. The shaft seal adopts high-quality mechanical seal, which has the characteristics of anti-wear, no leakage and long service life.
5. The pump inlet is horizontal and the outlet is vertical upward structure, which is convenient for piping arrangement.
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Applications
Medium open double suction centrifugal pump. Located at high quality technical level, it is specially developed for waterworks. When using duplex stainless steel, it is a high wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant material, especially suitable for seawater into chloride ionic liquids occasions, thus has a longer life.rotary vane vacuum pump with low operating temperature
1. Using a new design method, a new hydraulic model is designed. The efficiency is 3%-5% higher than that of the conventional method.ventilation process of rotary vane vacuum pump
2. In order to improve the efficiency of eliminating the hydraulic pulse of the pump in operation, the double impeller structure is adopted, and the adjacent blades are arranged alternately.
Air cooled roots vacuum pump
3. The impeller is made of precision casting, the pump body is made of resin sand, and the surface roughness of the runner reaches 12.5 by special technology, which greatly improves the efficiency of the pump.
Condensable Gas Suction Vacuum Pump
In recent years, with the development of domestic economy, people's awareness of antimicrobial has been improved. Therefore, both food, medical and health care, and the general family have put forward higher requirements for antimicrobial materials, thus increasing the demand for antimicrobial products at home and abroad. The requirements for stainless steel pipes are also getting higher and higher, and antibacterial stainless steel has the advantages of stainless steel and good antibacterial properties, in the kitchen equipment, food industry workbenches and utensils, medical equipment, daily life tableware and towel hanger brackets, refrigeration cabinet brackets and other areas of increasing demand.Furnace Components Aisi 304 Stainless Steel Plate
Antibacterial range and main elements of antibacterial stainless steel
The so-called anti-bacterial stainless steel, is in the stainless steel with an appropriate amount of anti-bacterial elements (such as copper, silver), produced steel after anti-bacterial heat treatment, with a stable processing performance and good anti-bacterial performance.
The killing rate of antibacterial stainless steel to Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is above 99%, and it also has significant killing effect to other bacteria such as Candida albicans and Bacteria subtilis, showing excellent broad-spectrum antibacterial and antibacterial persistence. The results of the National Inspection Institute for Drugs and Biological Products show that the antibacterial stainless steel fully meets the national technical standards in terms of toxicity and human safety. While endowing stainless steel with antibacterial properties, the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, cold and hot working, welding and other properties of the material are similar to those of stainless steel.Mig Stainless Steel Welding Wire E308 E309 E316 With Competitive Price
Copper is the key element of antimicrobial. The addition of copper should not only consider the antimicrobial property, but also ensure the steel has a good and stable processing performance. The optimum addition of copper varies with steel grades. Antibacterial stainless steel developed by Nippon Steel Co. Ltd. contains 1.5% copper in ferritic steel, 3% copper in martensitic steel and 3.8% copper in austenitic steel.
304 Grade Hairline Colored Stainless Steel Sheets For Elevator

Vacuum annealing furnace is a kind of vacuum furnace in which vacuum system is assembled by vacuum pump, vacuum measuring device, vacuum valve and other components, and some substances in the chamber are discharged, so that the pressure in the chamber is less than a standard atmospheric pressure, and the space in the chamber can realize the vacuum state.
The vacuum furnace is generally composed of a main engine, a furnace, an electrothermal device, a sealed furnace shell, a vacuum system, a power supply system, a temperature control system and an outside conveyor. The sealed shell is welded with carbon steel or stainless steel, and the joint surface of the detachable part is sealed by vacuum sealing material. In order to prevent the deformation of the shell after heating and the deterioration of the sealing material, the furnace shell is usually cooled by water cooling or air cooling. The furnace is located in the sealed furnace shell. According to the use of the furnace, the furnace is equipped with different types of heating elements, such as resistance, induction coil, electrode and electron gun. The vacuum furnace for smelting metals is equipped with a crucible, and some are equipped with automatic pouring devices and manipulators for loading and unloading materials. The vacuum system is mainly composed of vacuum pump, vacuum valve and vacuum gauge.
Advantages of vacuum furnace
1. Completely eliminate the oxidation and decarbonization of the workpiece surface in the heating process, and obtain a clean surface without deteriorating layer. This is very important for those tools that grind only one side of the groove surface (such as twist drill grinding so that the decarbonized layer of the groove surface is directly exposed to the edge, cutting performance improvement.
2, no pollution to the environment, no need for three wastes disposal.
3. The accuracy of furnace temperature measurement and monitoring is obviously improved. The indication value of the thermocouple reaches 1.5 degrees C. However, the temperature difference between different parts of a large number of workpieces in the furnace is large. If the forced circulation of thin gas is adopted, the temperature difference can still be controlled within the range of (?) 5 (?) c).
4, high degree of mechanical and electrical integration. On the basis of improving the precision of temperature measurement and control, workpiece movement, air pressure regulation, power regulation can be programmed and set in advance, and quenching and tempering can be carried out step by step.
5, energy consumption is significantly lower than salt bath furnace. Modern advanced vacuum furnace heating chamber uses high-quality insulation material made of insulation wall and barrier, can be highly concentrated in the heating chamber, energy-saving effect is remarkable.

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Type of oil diffusion pump
The structure and performance of the self-priming sewage pump in the sewage pump, drawing on the advantages of the similar products at home and abroad, and absorbing the user's requirements and suggestions for improvement in many aspects, the self-priming and sewage pump is developed, which is similar to the ordinary self-priming pump without bottom valve, without irrigation and pumping. There are large solid blocks, long fiber dirt, sediments, waste ore impurities, fecal treatment and all engineering sewage and colloidal liquids.
Piston vacuum pump structure
The sewage pump can be divided into Self-priming sewage pump, submerged sewage pump, knife sewage pump and automatic stirring sewage pump according to the sewage discharge mode. It has the characteristics of being able to transport liquids containing hard solids and fibers, as well as particularly dirty, sticky and slippery liquids.Rotary vane vacuum pump in food processing application
Sewage pumps are widely used in mines, papermaking, printing and dyeing, environmental protection, oil refining, petroleum, chemical industry, farms, dyeing, liquor-making, food, fertilizer, coking plant, construction, marble plant, mud, quicksand, mud pond, dirt pond, dirty liquid to send and absorb concentrated liquid, loading and suspended substance in sewage treatment.dry vacuum pumps classification
Selection and Maintenance of Sewage Pump: Reliability is the most important problem for Sewage Pump, because the medium to be transported is some mixed liquid containing solid materials. This problem makes the requirements of Sewage Pump in sealing, motor bearing capacity, bearing arrangement and selection are higher than those of ordinary pump, so the selection of type is more important. We must know clearly the sealing reliability and bearing capacity of the sewage pump.
Best vacuum pump
Equipment use: Vacuum carbon tube furnace is a high temperature, high vacuum resistance furnace using graphite as a heating element. The maximum working temperature can reach 2000 °C ~ 2400 °C. This series of products are widely used in inorganic materials (such as ceramic seals, silicon carbide, zirconia, zinc oxide, alumina, etc.), and metal materials (such as cemented carbide) sintered in a vacuum or protective atmosphere, can also be used Purification of rare earth elements and their oxides and sapphire annealing treatment. It is also suitable for use in colleges and universities and research institutes for pilot production.
Brief introduction of the structure: The electric furnace is a vertical vacuum electric furnace, which is composed of a furnace cover, a furnace body, a furnace bottom and a vacuum unit. The inner layer of the furnace shell is stainless steel, and the outer layer is carbon steel, and the two layers are cooled by water. The furnace shell is provided with an air suction port, an observation hole, a thermocouple hole, a protective atmosphere inlet and outlet, and an explosion-proof port. The furnace is equipped with a graphite electrode, which is connected with the graphite heating element by a cylindrical surface. One end of the electrode protrudes out of the furnace through a seal. It is an important component for allowing current to pass through the heating element in the furnace. The heat shield is surrounded by a multi-layer radiation screen.
1. The circuit is equipped with water shut-off, over-current, furnace over-temperature and water over-temperature alarm and protection functions.
2. The furnace is equipped with an inflatable overpressure explosion-proof system.
3. Compact structure and reasonable layout.
4, humanized design, reasonable configuration.

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Magnetic pump has been widely used in the transportation of various liquid chemicals. As a manufacturer, what kind of structure and configuration to produce magnetic pump products, different structural forms and configuration, will bring different effects to customers.
Multistage centrifugal pump
The first aspect is the pump structure form. As a magnetic pump product for transporting chemical media, the reliability, safety and service life of the pump should be considered first in product design. These main factors involve whether a pump can be maintained for a long time without maintenance and less maintenance, as well as the user's consumption costs, spare parts costs and the invisible environment, safety issues. Therefore, it is necessary to design and manufacture a magnetic pump, which can ensure the stability of the size of each component under different temperatures, pressures and load conditions, so as to achieve long-term operation of the pump trouble-free, this is a product designer should have the idea and concept. It is not advisable to reduce the weight and quality of the product, reduce the cost of the product, and deliver the low cost, low price magnetic pump to the user.
The 6nd Beijing International Water supply and drainage,water treatment Exhibition
The second aspect is the configuration of pump friction parts, as magnetic pump products, pump vulnerable parts are often in the liquid rotating friction parts, sliding bearings, thrust bearings, sleeves. The wear resistance of these parts will directly affect the service life of the pump and the cost of replacing the parts.2015 China(Tianjin) International Pump Valve & Pipeline Fair
The world's famous magnetic pump manufacturers, regardless of metal or plastic magnetic pump, sliding bearings, thrust bearings, sleeves are all made of silicon carbide with excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance. However, the bending strength of silicon carbide is only 451Mpa, the material is brittle, and the impact resistance is poor. Therefore, tungsten carbide with 1471 Mpa bending strength and more than three times the impact resistance of silicon carbide can be selected as the corrosion conditions permit. Tungsten carbide compared with silicon carbide has good toughness and good impact resistance. If the pump dry grinding, unlike silicon carbide material will be broken, resulting in internal magnetic steel and isolation sleeve parts of the rubbing, resulting in damage to the pump. Wearable parts of magnetic pump using silicon carbide, tungsten carbide material is a high configuration, can make the pump run for a long time without maintenance. The service life is much longer than that of tetrafluorographite, graphite, alumina and silicon nitride. It can reduce the cost of replacing the vulnerable parts and other parts frequently in a short time, and the cost of environment and safety because of the non-wear resistance and poor strength of the vulnerable parts.Vacuum pump curve
Horizontal self-priming pump is divided into sewage type horizontal self-priming pump and clean water type horizontal self-priming pump according to impeller structure. The impeller of sewage type horizontal self-priming pump is semi-closed or semi-open structure, while the impeller of clear water type horizontal self-priming pump is fully closed structure and fully closed impeller structure horizontal self-priming pump is adopted. The impeller of the single stage centrifugal pump is more efficient than the sewage type horizontal self priming pump.Liquid ring vacuum pumps market positioning
Horizontal self-priming pump can also be divided into all-metal horizontal self-priming pump and all-plastic horizontal self-priming pump lining fluoroplastic horizontal self-priming pump, plastic horizontal self-priming pump is mainly suitable for the chemical industry with stainless steel is not competent for the environment.The use of gas ballast in rotary vane vacuum pumps
Horizontal self-priming pump is mainly based on the self-priming pump to add a set of vacuum assistant system so that its self-priming height can reach 9 meters, impeller is divided into double-suction impeller, semi-open impeller, cutting impeller for different working conditions for users to choose clean water sewage can be sucked, the flow exceeds the flow range of other horizontal self-priming pump products, flow The capacity can reach 2600m3/h, and the series of horizontal self-priming pumps can be selected with large flow rate.The seventh Shanghai vacuum industry exhibition 2016
Copper is a kind of non-ferrous metal closely related to mankind. It is widely used in electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, national defense industry and other fields. It is second only to aluminum in the consumption of non-ferrous metal materials in China.
Copper is widely used in the electrical and electronic industries, with the largest consumption, accounting for more than half of the total consumption. Used for various cables and conductors, motor and transformer winding, switches and printed circuit boards.316 Stainless Steel Square Tube Price
In the manufacture of machinery and transport vehicles, industrial valves and accessories, meters, sliding bearings, molds, heat exchangers and pumps. It is widely used in the chemical industry to manufacture vacuum devices, distillery pots, brewing pots, etc. It is used in the defense industry to make bullets, artillery shells, gun parts and so on. For every 1 million bullets produced, 13 - 14 tons of copper is needed. In the construction industry, it is used for various pipes, piping fittings, decorative devices, etc. Copper can form alloys with many other metals. For example, an alloy of copper and zinc is called brass, an alloy of copper and nickel is called white copper, and an alloy of copper with elements such as aluminum and tin is called bronze, etc. Adding alloying elements into copper can improve its strength, hardness, elasticity, free cutting, wear resistance and corrosion resistance to meet different requirements.316LN Stainless Steel Round Pipe
Refined copper is mainly used in the form of cathode plate, billet, cake blank or ingot, and sent to smelters by smelters. Through forging, rolling, extrusion, drawing, melting, electrolysis or pulverization, wire, rod, pipe, sheet, plate, strip, castings, powder and other profiles are produced and sold to meet social needs.China Manufacturer Aisi Cold Rolled 304 Stainless Steel Coil In Stock

Its advantages lie in:
1. No oxidation, no decarbonization and rust removal, eliminating the surface grinding process, thus saving steel and raw material consumption, saving processing time.
2. degassing. Gases dissolved in metals at atmospheric pressure diffuse from the inside of the metal to the surface and overflow at negative pressure. This phenomenon is called degassing. Vacuum quenching heating has degassing characteristics, so that the surface purity of the material is improved, thereby improving the fatigue and plasticity of the mold. Toughness and corrosion resistance.
3., it is beneficial to remove residual oil and improve product quality.
4. the treated parts have no hydrogen embrittlement risk to prevent surface embrittlement of titanium and insoluble metals.
5. heat treatment has little distortion. Because the vacuum heating is slow, the temperature difference between inside and outside the workpiece is small; vacuum heating is generally preheated 1-2 times, the workpiece section temperature difference is small, thermal stress is also small, so it will not cause greater deformation due to external forces. In general, vacuum quenching quenched 10%~50% in salt bath quenching.
6. Vacuum quenching process is stable, repeatable, safe operation, high degree of automation, clean working environment, pollution-free, pollution-free.

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Finishing mill
The equipment configuration and control system of finishing mill is basically similar to that of traditional hot rolling mill.
(1) In order to reduce the rolling force and better control the shape of the strip, the last two mills work roll diameter configuration is small; and in order to increase the bite angle in the large reduction, the former mill work roll diameter configuration is larger.Astm A511 MT304 Seamless Stainless Steel Mechanical Tubes
(2) in order to meet the needs of ferrite rolling, a fast cooling device has been installed in the former rolling mills.
(3) In order to solve the difficult problem of thin slab iron oxide scale removal, 40 MPa high pressure water descaling machine was installed in front of finishing mill. Besides, the descaling tube is also equipped after the first two rolling mills.Ferritic Stainless China Production Astm A242 Steel Plate
(4) in order to roll thin strip, each rack is equipped with lubrication and rolling equipment.
Ferrite rolling technology
Ferrite rolling is rolling the strip to a certain thickness under austenite state, and then the strip can complete the transformation of gamma_a rapidly through strong cooling. In the state of full ferrite, the latter frame will roll the strip to the final thickness.
The purpose of using ferrite rolling technology is to avoid the sudden change of flow stress during the phase transformation from gamma to alpha. Especially when the strip is thin and the rolling speed is fast, the non-uniform deformation produced by the final finishing mill may lead to strip deviation and flatness defects. In addition, rolling in the presence of austenite and ferrite will lead to uneven mechanical properties of the strip and fluctuation of the final product thickness (the change of flow stress causes the change of rolling force, which makes the thickness control more difficult).
Ferrite rolling technology can produce directly applied hot-rolled or ultra-thin strips (instead of traditional cold-rolled annealed sheets), directly annealed, hot-galvanized (ultra-thin) hot-rolled strips after pickling, and cold-rolled and annealed hot-rolled soft strips. Ferrite rolled steel is generally low carbon and ultra-low carbon steel.China Factory Standard Road Steel Grating Of Good Service

Centrifugal vacuum pump is a multi system centrifugal structure. The suction gas produces centrifugal force under the action of the high-speed rotating impeller, and the step-by-step pressurization is discharged to the outlet of the impeller outside the pump to deal with the center of the quasi-middle passage. Larger deviation will affect the pump volume. Attention must be paid to assembly and overhaul. If there is a large deviation, it must be adjusted.The use of rotary vane vacuum pump
The main parts of centrifugal vacuum pump are: air inlet section, air inlet plate, middle section baffle, last stage baffle, impeller, shaft, bearing rack, oil seal box, etc. The pump is driven by a motor. The main parts of the pump studio are HT200 cast iron, the impeller is riveted structure, the wheel core is HT200 cast iron, the blade and the front and rear cover plates are made of LY8 hard aluminum, the shaft is made of high quality carbon steel, after quenching and tempering treatment, both ends of the shaft are sealed by PTFE graphite, the bearing is made of low noise single row ball bearing with lithium base lubrication. Grease lubrication.China Vacuum Pump Industry Report
Centrifugal vacuum pump is a single-suction multi-stage centrifugal vacuum pump, used to pump or transport air and physical, chemical properties similar to dry air gas medium. It is suitable for steam extraction such as clothing, metallurgy, paper making, cement, textile, chemical industry, light industry, etc.
Very Short Weld Flange
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